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Many office equipment, retail shop fittings, pallet racking and shelving products are known by multiple names, so to help you we've included as many combinations as possible.
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Acrow Pallet Racking

Acrow Shelf Clips

Acrylic Displays (Brochure)

Acrylic Displays (Slatwall)

Acrylic Counter Showcases

Angle Shelving

Angle (Slotted) Shelving

Archive Shelving

Archive Shelving Compactus Units

Arms (for Chairs)

Arms (for Merchandise)

Arts & Storage - Plan Cabinet

Attacher Tags - Hooks

Australian Made Furniture

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Bags (Paper)


 → Display Baskets

 → Collapsible e.g. Impulse Buy Basket

 → Display Stand - Shopping Baskets

 → Grid Mesh Baskers

 → Impulse Bins / Impulse Baskets

 → Shopping Baskets

Beams - Pallet Racking

Bench Height Stools

Bench Height Table

Bench Units (for Maxi Bins)

Benches / Plan Layout Tables (Office)

Benches / Workbenches (Industrial)

Bin Types

Blouse Arms

Boardroom Chairs

Boardroom Tables

Body Forms


Brochure Holders

Brochure Stands

Brownbuilt Pallet Racking

Brownbuilt Shelving Clips

Business Card Holder

Busts (Jewellery)

Buying Department

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Cabinet Files

Cabinets for the Office

Cable System

Cable Management

Cafe Furniture

Call Centre Furniture

Cantilever Racking

Card File Cabinet

Card Racks (Postcard)

Carousels (Brochure)

Carry Baskets


Castors - Chairs


 → Chair Accessories

 → Chair Arms

 → Chair Boardroom

 → Chair Castors

 → Chair Clerical - Typist Chair with arms

 → Chair Conference

 → Chair Drafting

 → Chair Ergonomic

 → Chair Executive

 → Chair Gas Lift

 → Chair Glides

 → Chair Mats

 → Carpet Chair Mats

 → Chair Mats for Hard Floor

 → General Floor Chair Mats

Chair Reception

Chair Stackable

Chair Typist

Chair Visitor

Chalkboards for the office or cafe

Chameleon Tiles

Childwear Hangers

Chip Board Shelving

Clerical Chairs - Typist chair with arms

Click-In Display System

Clip Hangers

Clip Shelving

Clothes rack

Coat hangers

Coat hangers - Wooden

Coffee Tables (Office)

Coldroom Shelving

Collapsible Basket


Colby Pallet Racking

Concealed Stripping

Conference End Desks

Conference Seating

Connectors (Glass Cube)


Coolroom Shelving

Corner Desk - Corner Work Station


Counter for Reception

Counter for Shop

Acrylic Counters

Counter Top Displays

Cowls (for Desks)

Cratebox Storage Bins

Crates (Nally)

Crates for Small Parts Storage


Credenzas Hutch

Cube Display (Glass)


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 → Desk Accessories

 → Deskmates - Corner Workstation

 → Desk - accompanying Office Cabinets

 → Desk Corner - Workstations

 → Desk Executive

 → Desk General Office

 → Desk P (Conference End)

 → Desk Reception

 → Desk & Return

 → Desk Steel Frame

 → Desk top Screens and Office Partitions

Dexion Shelving Clips

Dexion Pallet Racking

Dexion Maxi Bins

Dexion Slotted Angle

Display Baskets

Displays for Brochures - Brochure Holders

Display Counters / Display Cases

Display Cubes

Display Jewellery

Display Mesh

Display Shelving

Display Slot

Disposal Safety Cans - for Liquid

Draftsman Chair

Draftsman Stool

Dress Racks

Dress Shop Fittings - e.g. fitting out a clothes shop

Duplex Cabinet

Dummies (Mannequins)

Dump Basket

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Easels - Whiteboard

Equipment for Materials Handling

Ergonomic Chairs

Executive Chairs

Executive Desk

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Farm Storage

Longspan Shelving for the Farm (Second Hand)

 → Pallet Racking for the Farm

 → Shelving for the Farm

Workbenches for the Farm

Filing Storage

 → Card File Cabinet

 → Filing Cabinet

 → Filing Cabinet Accessories

 → Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

 → Legal File Cabinet

 → Low Height

 → Plan Cabinets - Art - Parts Storage

Fixtures for Shop

Flammable Liquid Cabinets (PDF)

Folding Leg Tables

Forms - Display Body Forms

Foyer Stands

Frames (Pallet Racking)

Free Standing Screens and Office Partitions

Freezer Room Shelving (e.g. for resturaunt cold rooms)

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Garage Shelving

GKN Pallet Racking

Glass Cube Systems, Glass Box

Glass Shelving


Gravity Conveyors

Grid Mesh

Grooved Wall Panel / Fittings

Grooved MDF Adapter

Grooved MDF System

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Hand Trucks

Hangers & Accessories

Hangail for Wall Stripping

Hangrails for Maxislot

Hangrails for Gooved MDF Slatwall

Hard Drive Mobile - Tower Box

Heads (Display)

Heavy Duty Shelving for Businesses

Heavy Duty Shelving for Warehouses

Hire - Office Equipment


 → Grid Mesh Hooks

 → Pegboard Hooks

 → Pricing Hooks

 → Grooved MDF Hooks

Horizontal Plan Storage

Hutches for Desks, in the Office

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Impulse Bins

iSpace Office Furniture Range

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Jewellery Display Glass Cases

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Key Cabinet

Key Security Storage

Knitwear Hangers


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Lateral Filing Cabinets

Layout Table

Lecture Chair

Legal File Cabinets

Library Shelving

Light Duty Cantilever Racking

Lingerie Hanger

Lockable Glass Cube Unit


Longlife Hangers

Longspan Shelving

 → Delta Longspan

 → Global Longspan

 → Mesh Infill for Longspan Shelving

 → Slotted Angle

Lounge - Waiting Room

Low Height Filing Cabinets

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 Magi Clips

Male Mannequins

Melamine Shelves


Mannequin Display Heads

Market Racks, Market Racking

Materials Handling

Matthews Pole

Maxi Bins


MDF - Grooved & Pegboard Display Systems

Meeting Room Chair

Meeting Table Executive Style

Meeting Table

Mega Bins

Mei + Picchi

Merchander Shelving

Merchanfising Displays

Mesh Infill / Mesh Shelf for Pallet Racking

Mesh Display Systems and Mesh Panels

Metal Cupboard

Metal Bookcase, see also Library Shelving

Metal Frame Desk

Metal Frame Table

Metal Frame Workstation

Metal Rack / Metal Racking

Metal Racking for Businesses (Storage Solutions)

 → Metal Racks for Retail Displays (e.g. Clothes)

 → Metal Racks as Wall Stripping (Shelf Brackets)

 → Metal Rack for Shops (Display Shelving)

 → Metal Racking for Warehouses (Pallet Racking)

Minimo and Miniminimo

Mirrors - Dress, Sercurity, Display

Mobile Drawers

Mobile Easels (for Whiteboards)

Mobile Platform Ladder

Mobile Pedestals

Mobile Storage (Compactus)

Mobile Whiteboard

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Nally Utility Bins (Parts Bins)

Nally Micro Bins

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Office Bookcase

Office Cabinets

Office Chairs

Office Clerical Chairs

Office Compactus

Office Corner Desk

Office Desk

Office Dividers

Office Furniture Packages

Office Partitions

Order Pickers

Office Shelving

Office Trolleys

Office Typist Chair

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P Desk - Conference End Desk

Packing Benches

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Racking Workbench

Pallet Racking

 → Pallet Racking Mesh Shelf

 → Pallet Racking Configurations

 → Pallet Racking Beams

 → Types of Racking

 → Pallet Self Storage

Paper Bags (e.g. stylishly coloured carry paper bags)

Partition for Office

Partition Workstations

Partitioning - Custom

Parts Drawers Units

Parts Drawers - Metal and Cardboard

Parts Storage using Office Cabinets

Peg Board Hooks

Personnel Lockers

Picture Hook - Grooved MDF

Pigeon Hole Units

 → Pigeon Holes (Steel)

 → Pigeon Holes (Melamine)

 → Pigeon Hole Unit - Office

Plan Cabinets - Arts & Parts Storage

Plan Clamps

Plan Equipment

Plan Layout Tables (Benches)

Plan Storage

Plan Trolley

Plastic Stackable Chairs

Plastic Stacker Chairs

Platform Trolleys

Plus Size Mannequins

Poly Stacker Chair

Polystyrene Heads

Popbox Storage Bins

Postcard Displays

Pregnant Mannequins

Printer Trolleys

Privacy Screen

Prongs (Grooved MDF/Pegboard)

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Queuing System

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Racking (Pallet)

Racks: Clothing Racks and Dress Racks

Spinners Display Rack

Wire Basket Racks

Rack Fittings for Retail Display

Rails (Pallet Racking Beams)


 → Reception Chairs

 → Reception Counters

 → Reception Desks

 → Reception Lounge

Retail Shopfitings (General)

Retail Display Racks

Retail Display Shelving

Retail Display Wall: Used in shops for displaying various products.

Rolled Upright Shelving

Roller Conveyors

Room Dividor (Free Standing Screen, Office Partitions)

Round Table

Rural Storage Ideas and Products

 → Longspan Shelving for the Shed

 → Pallet Racking for the Shed: Includes pallet racking for domestic use.

 → Shed Shelving / Barn Shelving

 → Farm Workbenches

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Safety Locks for Pallet Racking: Including from various brands.

Sale Signs

Screens - Free Standing

Scanner Hooks

Seating for the Office

Second Hand Shelving - Including steel and commercial shelving.

Security Key Cabinet

Shed Shelving

Self Storage (Pallet)

Shelfbox Storage Bins

Shelf Brackets

Shelf Clips

Shelves - Glass, Malimite, MDF and Chipboard

Shelving - All Types of Products

 → Archive Shelving - Standing

 → Archive Shelving - Mobile Compactus

 → Coldroom Shelving

 → Display Shelving

 → Library Shelving

 → Long Span Shelving

 → Rolled Upright

 → Slotted Angle Shelving

 → Steel Shelving

 → Supermarket Shelving

Shirt Hangers

Show Cases - All Types

 → Acrylic Counter Showcases

 → Glass Showcases

 → Glass Cube Systems

Shopping Trolleys

Shopping Baskets for carrying

Size Dividers

Slatbox Storage Bins

Slatwall Acrylic Displays

Slatwall Hooks, Arms & Display Fittings

Slatwall 3.5 Hooks, Arms & Display Fittings

Slatwall Panels

Sliding Door Cupboard

Slotted Angle

Slotted Angle Workbenches

Small Parts Storage

 → Small Parts Metal Drawers

 → Small Parts Storage Bins and Crates

Smart System Office Furniture Range

Soft Wiring

SPACERACK® Pallet Racking

Spectacle Holders


Stackable Chairs

Stacker Chairs

Staff Lockers

Stationery Cabinets

Steelbilt Shelving Clips

Steel Cabinets

Steel Frame Bench

Steel Frame Desks

Steel Frame Tables

Steel Shelving

Steel Site Tool Box

Steel One Tonner Tool Boxes


Storbox Storage Bins

Storage (Pallet self storage)

Storage Shelving (General)

Storage Solutions

 → Storeroom Shelving

 → Steel Shelving Solutions

 → Warehouse Racking Solutions

 → Product and Retail Display Storage

 → Freezer Room Storage

Sturdy Hangers

Supermarket Shelving

Suspension Files

Suspension Frames

Swing Tags/Tickets

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Tables with Wheels, Table Trolley

Tablet Arm Chair

Tagger Guns

Tags and Tickets (Pricing)

Tambour Door Cabinets - predominantly for office storage.

Telemarketing Booths

Timber Hangers

Tissue Wrap Paper (acid free)

Tool Boxes

Torsos (e.g. to display Jewellery)

Torsos (Bodyforms)


 → Flat Bed Trolley

 → General Office Trolley

 → Hand Trucks

 → Platform Trolleys

 → Plan Clamp Trolley

 → Printer Trolley for Office

Tub Chairs

Typist Chairs

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Ultrapuck Display System


Uprights (Pallet Racking Frames)

Ute Mounted Tool Boxes

Utility Bins

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Variety Shelving

Vertical Plan Cabinet

Vinyl Stacker Chairs

Visitor Chairs

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Waiting Chairs

Wall Displays - Brochure

Wallmounted Arms (Shop Fixtures)

Wall Units Bookcase

Wall Units Hutch

Wall Units - Showcase

Wall and Rack Fittings for Retail Display


Warehouse Storage Solutions...

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Warehouse Materials Handling

Watch Storage Cabinet (horizontal, flat)


Wall Mounted Whiteboards

Whiteboard Accessories

Wire Basket Units

Wire Brochure Holders

Wire Display Stands

Wire Display Mesh

Wooden Hangers



 → Workstation Accessories

 → Workstation Corner

 → Workstation Custom Made

 → Workstation Deskmate

 → Workstation Hutch

 → Workstation Office Partitions

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Yellow Plastic Storage Bins


Zinc Plated Shelving for Coldrooms

Z Rack Dress / Clothes Racks

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