1775mm High - Rolled Upright Steel Shelving

Product Number
RU Braced Used 1775x900x300 U
Price (incl. GST)
Rolled Upright
Time to Ship
Allow 2 Days
Flat Packed
900mm W x 300mm D



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Brownbuilt Rolled Upright Type (RUT) Shelving has become the standard for light to medium duty warehouse storage since its conception in the 1930’s. RUT shelving is roll-formed from premium pre-painted steel, to ensure durability and engineering integrity for warehouse storage applications, with the choice of 2 standard colours (Wild Oats and Silver Grey).

Its design flexibility makes it ideal for integration into diverse environments ranging from industrial warehouses and storerooms, through to libraries, museums, retail outlets and offices.
RUT shelving’s bolted construction forms a strong, stable storage unit, that can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated as storage needs change over time.

Light Duty RUT Shelving is primarily used for personnel accessed picking systems, for shelf loads up to 110kg (UDL) and a maximum stack height of 2375mm.

  • 16mm diameter rolled post section

  • “Magiclip” shelf support clips

  • 8mm x 8mm shelf clip perforations

  • 0.9mm material thickness

  • Single form side shelf flanges

  • Triple formed front/rear shelf flanges

  • Free Standing

  • Available Flat Packed or Assembled




900 or 750mm


300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm


5 (inc top & bottom)

Type of Back

Open (Braced) or Enclosed (Backs)

Ru Assembly Instructions  - RUT Assembly Guide (PDF)

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   Cross Bracing
   Enhance stock visibility or air circulation while maintaining
   rigidity. Used with or without welders backs instead of
   sheet metal back panels.  


   Doors and Frames
   Lockable doors for added security.
   Convert open bay shelving to secure enclosed storage.
   Features a 3-point key locking system.

                                 (USED available in a range of styles and colours - Contact Us)


   Metal Divider Plates
   Compartmentalise shelves for better stock organisation.
   Available in a variety of heights and depths.
   (USED available in a range of sizes - Contact Us)


   Metal Parts Boxes
   Keep small components safe and well organised.
   Each box has a built in label holder and can be fitted with
   internal dividers.
                                 (USED available in many styles and sizes - Contact Us)