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Used Supermarket Shelving - Double Sided - Kingfisher

Used Supermarket Shelving - Double Sided - Kingfisher

Shelving single post

Shelving single post
Used Supermarket Shelving - Double Sided - Kingfisher
Shelving single post

Kingfisher - Double Sided - Supermarket Shelving

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Beige - Single - Starter Bay
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  4. Starter/Add On Bay

Suitable for Supermarket, Hardware Outlets, Pet Barns, Toy Stores

Comes Double Sided for product display on both sides

Kingfisher was one of the first Supermarkrt Shelvings available and is still one of strongest, so you can be sure it is reliable.

Height 1410mm, 2000mm, or 2100mm
Width 900mm, or 120mm
Depth 1000mm
  • Australian Made
  • Fully adjustable shelves
  • Reliable and strong
  • Extra components and add-ons available
  • Colour - Light Beige or White

Definition of a Starter Bay

Commonly described as an “individual bay” or “free standing bay” the Starter bay consists of Two end Posts or uprights and is used as the first bay in a run or block of shelving.

Definition of an Add On Bay

Commonly described as a “Carry on bay” the Add On bay consists of only one end post or upright as it is utilized as an “additional bay”. The Carry On bay links to a Starter bay or block of shelving for the necessary components required to stand it. The use of Add On bays is a cost effective way of utilizing common components and reducing the overall costs of a Shelving structure, block or run.